Image by Fernanda Greppe

My name is Boogie Bear....


 I am a soft and ever so cuddly teddy bear who loves lots of hugs. 

I was created as a very special bear to help you focus, connect and feel special.


I will help all my friends feel safe.

I will share all my special moments with you , like when I share my toys, think of others feelings, feel happy or sad and learn to use the potty. 

I will also teach you  how to look after our beautiful planet.


We will make lovely music, learn how to dance, have lots of giggles, pretend to be super hero's, make funny faces, and blow big sparkly bubbles.


Together, we will laugh, play and create beautiful memories.

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      Role of the Bears 


Why I incorporated my four focus bears


After completing a well-being course in New York, I decided to focus and study more on the child’s “emotional well-being” and added more emotional developmental exercises into the Boogie Bear classes and created four new focus bears to help me achieve this.


This area is close to my heart, and the most vital to all areas of learning. I have incorporated all I have learnt from previous courses, combined it with my knowledge from Maria Montessori philosophies and my previous teaching experiences in early years, and created my unique Boogie Bear Music & Drama classes.



Meet our four focus bears...Far left, Boogie Bear, Boogie Baby, Special Moment Bear and Boogie Night bear.


These magical bears were created to enrich the emotional state, add value, passion, focus, and connection.



Boogie Bear


Boogie Bear is our main Focus bear. He is used in all lessons as to capture the child’s attention and help children focus, developing concentration, patience and listening skills. Boogie Bear transforms the session into a magical one creating story, conversation, anticipation and laughter. 


Boogie Bear Babies


The Boogie bear babies are used in class by all the children. Children are encouraged to choose a bear with an individual name and will use it during class to encourage role play, act out a song, communicate with, share emotions, and develop small and large physical skills when placing on knee, balancing & catching.


Special Moment Bear 


Our special Moment Bear was designed to share each child’s Special moments within the group.  The children may want to share special moments like… 


“I ate all my breakfast”……. “I played nicely with my sister”


The children will receive positive reinforcement, confidence and praise making the child feel noticed, special, validated and proud. We believe positive reinforcement evokes good behaviour and will help children recognise the value of their own qualities and actions. 


Boogie Night Bear


Boogie Night Bear is sometimes used during sessions as to promote positive sleep patterns and routines.


We also talk about various emotions and how we can change our state of mind during a time of fear or anxiety using a favourite song, smile, a good thought or a hug from Boogie Night Bear. Boogie Night bear is a happy positive bear encouraging happy thoughts.  

The Bear is available for home use, creating a safe and secure time during bedtime. 


Christine Charalambous